This drastic change came in me in just 4 months under the supervision of my fitness coach Ritesh. His guidance and training not only helped me in losing
weight but I also got my health back by getting rid of hypertension and diabetic medicine. Being a patient of hypertension hypothyroid PCOs and prediabetic it was not easy for me but my mentor made it possible for me by guiding me through correct lifestyle choices healthy diet and a best-suited workout plan. I gained my strength confidence and fitness back. Ritesh is the best fitness coach I have met, I will definitely recommend him.


I have been working for approximately six months on changing my habits towards healthy nutrition & healthy lifestyle with Ritesh It has been a great experience. I have PCOD so it was quite difficult for me to loose weight. However I was lucky to have a great mentor who provided me with proper diet plan as per my lifestyle and a workout routine as per my body .He helped me not only in loosing weight but at the same time making me feel more energetic and fit. I have lost fat and gained muscles and am very happy & satisfied with this transformation

Shashikant Gupta

I reduced my weight from 75 kg to 62 Kgs under the guidance of Ritesh. Apart from that I was able to bring a lot of changes in my lifestyle like quitting drinking, regular exercise & Yoga for overall well being. My improved health & fitness enabled me to run marathons and my personal best was 10k in 54 mins.
Though it was a long transformation journey, but I think it was totally worth it.


The best part about this plan is that it is sustainable, does not include vast variations and can be easily accommodated even in a hectic lifestyle!


Initially, when I started with Rohit, I was a bit skeptical as to what kind of diet he would be giving me. I wanted something which I can follow in my daily routine. I had already tried various diets but none of them were sustainable. After leaving those diets, I gained more weight. I have been following his diet since 2 months and it is very effective. He has included all my favorite foods and has never restricted me from eating anything. He is always a call away and clears all my doubts. Whenever I am low, he makes sure that he motivates me and brings me back on track. He has helped me in changing my lifestyle and now I love going to Gym. It’s because of him that I love working out and have made it a daily ritual. Thank you, Rohit for all your support and guidance.