How to Calculate BMR and TDEE?

Written by Hustle & Health

If you want to start your fitness journey, knowing your TDEE can be very helpful.

So, what is TEE?

*Total Energy expenditure (TEE)* is the amount of energy your body uses to perform bodily functions, such as breathing, keeping your heart beating and various metabolic processes, plus daily activities and physical activity.

Your BMR is your ‘basal metabolic rate’. It’s the amount of energy your body burns if you did nothing but rest for 24 hours. Although it contributes to approx. 60% of TEE but you can’t do much to change this.

*Thermic effect of food (TEF)* or dietary induced thermogenesis (DIT), is the amount of energy expended by your body to digest, absorb and process the nutrients in your meals. It contributes to approx. 10% of TDEE and having a balanced diet will keep it in check.

*Physical Activity* is a factor that is based on the amount of activity a person undergoes. This includes deliberate exercise as well as other activities that a person may undergo as part of their job or typical daily activities. It contributes to 30% approx. of your TDEE and *this is the part where you can make a difference*

In order to burn fat, we must eat slightly less than our TDEE which will make the body to use your stored body fat as a source of energy.

To get an estimate of your TDEE, click on the below link

TDEE calculator

PS: It’ll give you an approx. value and you need to do some hit and trial to find out your actual TDEE.